Sunday, 4 January 2009

Winter sales in Paris

Paris is equal with fashion, fancy clothes, style, class, designers, fashion shows and the most known brands. The city is one of the best shopping cities in Europe, not to mention in the world when it comes to fashion, clothes, perfume, jewellery, shoes and much more. You'll find something for any taste here. You'll certainly not go wrong when you wear some of the newest from Paris.

It's time to spend the last money now that Christmas is over. The great yearly winter sales start Wednesday the 7th of January and lasts some 4-6 weeks depending on the shops.

You can read the latest news about the sales in Paris at Here you can also find the maps over the shops, hotels, restaurants, cultural events and other practical information.

It's not only in Paris that the yearly winter sales start this week, but all over France. So you don't have to miss the great winter sales even if you're to warmth and south French charm.

So now is the right time to visit Paris, get warm mulled wine, go shopping, visit the museums, taste the wonderful food and avoid the long lines and queues which are normally present during summer. You can certainly find a bunch of interesting things to bring home.