Friday, 7 November 2008

Hyang-Ly - Korean barbeque

There are many opportunities to try exciting food when you visit Paris. The French cousine is an obvious choice, but you shouldn't cheat yourself for trying food from other parts of the world. There are many good ethnic restaurants in Paris and one of them is Hyang-Ly.

Hyang-Ly is an Korean restaurant with a Japanese touch. The specialities are bibmbap and Korean barbeque. Bibimbap is a dish where the ingredients have been put into a very hot cast iron pot. The food is sizzling when served and it's up to you to stir it all and ensure it's all heated and cooked as you like it. As you can expect from the Asian kitchen, there's a lot of green in the dish, much of the stuff which I have no idea of what is. Normally bibimbap is served with a strong chilli sauce, so watch your tongue.

Korean barbecue can certainly be recommended. It tastes wonderful. A grill is placed in the middle of the table, which is turned on and a plate placed over the flames. Several bowls with different ingredients are arranged on the table and then a big plate with very tender meat. The idea is that you fry your meat on the grill and sample from the bowls.

The price is manageable and good compared to the quality, especially when you choose one of the menus, where you'll get a starter with cabbage salad, soup, barbecue and a mini bibimbap. The price for that is under 15€ per person. Add to that a bottle of wine and a cup of coffee for desert and you've gotten yourself a good dinner for two for under 60€.

Practical information:
3, rue de Hanovre
75002 Paris
Metro: Opera line 3, 7 and 8
RER: Auber Haussmann St-Lazare, RER A and E, place de l'Opera exit.


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