Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Restaurant streets

There's always a lot of restaurants and bars you can visit, if you find yourself hungry while exploring Paris. Just south of Notre Dame, on the other side of the river, is Place Saint-Michel, which is a popular meeting point in Paris' Latin Quarter. From here you can't avoid noticing the narrow streets filled with restaurants of all kinds.

Saint-Michel is known for its many restaurants and they're located side by side in the streets. There are many Greek restaurants, but you can also find typical French, Italian, Asian, Moroccan and much more. Due to the strong competition between the restaurants you can easily find yourself a cheap lunch or dinner. The menus typically starts at 15€.

When you walk down the streets you'll be met by waiters standing in the doors trying to get you to come inside. They call the offers of the day to you in English, breaks plates on the doorsteps and do what it takes to get your attention. The women will experience a lot of flirting. It can be a rather entertaining experience and certainly specail. The restaurants are generally cozy and nice, and the value of the food is reasonable for the price.

One remarkable thing to notice is that it is one of Paris' oldest neighbourhoods, which is easily seen on the buildings and the interior. If you're lucky enough to visit the private apartments and courtyards, you'll be met by narrow winding stairs, thick loft beams, old dark wood and uneven leaning walls. It's like stepping back in time. Saint Michel has charm and history, though if you come to experience that, then arrive in the morning before the restaurants open. Around lunch and evening the place is packed with people.

Photo: http://flickr.com/photos/http2007/

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