Monday, 1 September 2008

Zoo on discount

A trip to the zoo can entertain the kids while on holidays in a city. Live animals are fascinating and when some of them can be petted it becomes even better. Who says a city-holiday needs to be boring for the youngsters?

A park named Vincennes is located just outside Paris proper. There is forest and parks, lakes for sailing, a beautiful botanical garden, an old castle which was used as a prison at some time and then the zoo which is ideal for the family expedition with the smallest. There are plenty of benches and tables where you can enjoy the picnic you bring with you, all the meanwhile the giraffes prance around in the background.

The zoo is being restored right now and the price for entry has been reduced to only 5€ per person. Children under four are free. The place is easily found both by car and public transportation. At least, you can't avoid to notice the ... of the place. It looks like a small mountain rising high above the surrounding tree tops. That is the great monkey facility, where the naughty ones normally crawls around all over.

The place has many species of monkeys and that is probably the greatest attraction. Otherwise there are deer from Africa and Asia, lamas, the hippopotamus come in two sizes, penguins, birds, zebras and also a couple kangaroos. The giraffe and water buffalo herds are rather big and there was a bunch of cute baby giraffes last we visited. There's also a small train for the kids which for little money gives a 10 minutes trip around the zoo.

The place was built in 1934. The size is manageble, 15 hectars with more than 500 inhabitants. The zoo can be explored in a couple of hours, which makes the place an ideal destination for the smallest. The forest, the castle and the botanical garden nearby easily makes the entire area a fullday attraction.

Practical information:
Open: 9-18 during summer, 9-17 during winter.
Metro line: 8, stop Porte Dorée.

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