Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Seine

The Seine invites for long walks and charming evenings. There's always lief around the river in Paris. Not only can you see the old buildings and riverboats, but also easily find a tour-boat or a boat-restaurant and spend your entire evening by the river. It is an open invitation to romance and summer evenings.

The river separates Paris into two parts; Rive Droite and Rive Gauche. On both sides of the river are paths where you can walk along the river. Sometimes they are all the way down by the water's edge, at others high up on the embankment. The old trails where the horses pulled the riverboats back in the day are still present. Here you can find some wonderfull and peaceful spots, where you can enjoy your lunch or relax a bit in the sun.

A walk along the Seine will certainly provide a bunch of good experiences. There are promenades, long rows of stalls where books and other things are sold and several bridges of all styles and ages. On the river is a constant flow of boats. Especially the courier boats from the various ministries can be interesting to observe. There's also talk about creating a new metro-line as a riverboat instead of a train. Compared with the traffic in Paris, the Seine is a study in peace and calm.

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