Sunday, 27 July 2008

Flower and bird market

The flower and bird market in Paris is a different experience seen with Danish eyes, though so typical for the French and especially for Paris. Here are buildings for a permanent market, and each day between 8 and 19:30 can you find pots and plants suiting any taste. The bird market is open on Sundays and then you can find many rare and special birds, as well as cages, fodder and everything you might need.

When you walk around Paris you can't avoid to see how serious the Parisians take their balconies and the plants and flowers on them. Often you'll find every windowsill and every balcony filled with flowers in bright colours, adding life and charm to the city. If you look a bit further up, you'll notice that many roofs have been made into what seems like small parks. What they lack of gardens on ground level they have compensated for by using balconies, roofs and windowsills. So there's a lot of sale in flowers and pots, for the French males love to play gardeners.

They don't only come to the market to buy flowers and birds, but also to speak to the many vendors who provide good advice about gardening. Potted outdoors flowers is a passion in Paris and at this market you can find experts who're more than willing to share their knowledge with anyone interested.

Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux de Paris is located at Ile de la Cité on place Louis Lépine and Quai de Corse, not fra from Notre Dame and la Congerigie. It's located centrally next to the metro station Cité. The market has been in this location since 1808 and is easily recognized by it's metal pavalions.

Practical information:
Open all days from 8 am - 7:30 pm
Metro: Cité, line 4.

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