Sunday, 18 May 2008

Alternative sightseeing tour

What is France? What is a typical French when we are to believe all the clichés?

He's running around with a baguette under his arm, a newpaper and wearing a black beret. He of course has a black moustache and could need a shower. And then he of course enjoys a good bottle of wine with his delicious cheese. That's France when you believe all the stereotypes.

There's one thing we've forgotten to mention in this list which is so typical French. A real French man is of course driving around in one of the most famous cars there are, at least if you're to believe the French.

The 2CV.

We can probably not find a more French car, at least not if we're to believe the movies. It's charming and very characteristic as it's bumping over the uneven cobblestones in Paris' streets. Toss a few racing numbers on it and the humour reaches new heights.

The French have done it. They know what sells and aren't afraid to play on people's expectations of what Paris and France is. Paris Sightseeing Tours found the trick and offer tourists to rent an old 2CV with driver dressed in beret and blue jacket for a ride through Paris seeing all the sights.

So, want a sightseeing tour through the city of cities in a real racing 2CV with your own private driver?
Come aboard.

Practical information:
There's room for three passangers in the cars and the tours last from half an hour to three hours.
The prices start at 58€ per person with 3 persons in the car.

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