Monday, 24 March 2008

Meschers sur Gironde

If you're up for a visit at the Atlantic coast, drinking cognac and pineau, explore historical places and enjoy nature, tides and oysters Meschers is a place worth visiting.

Meschers is a small town on the west coast of France, at the edge of the Cognac district, which makes the town a good base for a vacation. Bordeaux is less than two hours away, and Cognac not even one hours drive away. There are of course also the sea, nature and many historical places. The area was colonized by the Romans and there are old forts, villas and towns in the region which dates back to the Roman empire.

Meschers itself is a charming little town. It's one of the oldest holiday resorts in France and one of the first places that the Parisians went to for holidays back in the 19th century. This was the place where they could relax, get fresh air and sun as prescribed by the doctors of the time.

The town is especially famous for two things; the caves and the fishing.

The caves are found in the steep and high limestone cliffs at the coast. They might have been inhabited for centuries, and especially the last few have been documented. There is now a museum in some of the caves and you can see how people lived back then. Others are still privately owned and there's even a hotel with rooms in the cliff. They were changed from homes to chic cafés and romantic spot for the Parisian tourists.

Another characteristic of Meschers is the fishing, or rather, the oyster hunting. At every low-tide you'll see plenty of locals wandering far into the bay to collect oysters. The fishing huts raised high on poles along the coast is another landmark you can recognize the town on.

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